Supported by the GlobalNOC at Indiana University


General Circuit Testing Instructions

The following instructions take into account the Member will already have an IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and know circuit speed settings for testing.

Preparing for the Test

1.) Disconnect the laptop from any networks (both wireless and wired).

2.) Configure your computer with the known settings for the wired NIC…

Note: If you do not use DHCP to obtain network settings, record the current settings prior to making any changes.

DNS can be configured to use:

3.) Locate the Ethernet cable currently plugged into on the Router. 

Running the Test

4.) Remove the Ethernet cable from the router and connect to laptop.

5.) Open Internet browser and go to

6) When the page loads, click the ‘Begin Test’ button.

You should see your IP address (as set above) along with your school/district name toward the lower left of the screen.

Permit the test complete.  

Your results will be displayed on screen and recorded in the database.

Your request has been completed.